Bending the Prescription Opioid Dosing and Mortality Curves: Impact of the Washington State Opioid Dosing Guideline

This is an academic paper discussing the impact of the Washington State opioid dosing guidelines, which were associated with a decline in the mean dose for long‐acting opioids, the percent of claimants receiving opioid doses ≥120 mg morphine equivalent dose (MED) per day, and the number of opioid‐related deaths among injured workers.

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Franklin, G.M., Mai, J., Turner, J., Sullivan, M., Wickizer, T., Fulton‐Kehoe, D. (2012). Bending the prescription opioid dosing and mortality curves: Impact of the Washington State opioid dosing guideline. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 55, 325-331.

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