Overview of Community Response

Collaboration and coordination among a community’s stakeholders are essential.

This section presents tools to help community stakeholders maximize impact within available resources. Stakeholders can learn about interventions and effective coalition building.

This checklist tool can help you prioritize programs and policies to address the opioid crisis that best fit your stakeholder role and your community.

The tool lists programs and policies which are essential for a comprehensive community response, using examples from our repository of program models as well as external resources. You can use the checklist to identify gaps in your community's response.

Collaboration among stakeholders is essential. We provide:

  • an overview of the goals and functions of coalitions
  • a list of stakeholders that are typical participants
  • examples of coalitions
  • resources to help in forming and expanding community partnerships

Community Highlights features, on a rotating basis, a coalition or cross-agency response. Each response illustrates cutting edge, innovative approaches. These real-world case studies in community-wide coordinated action inform stakeholders of what does and doesn’t work.

Tell us about your program: successes, barriers, outcomes, and lessons learned.

Sharing your experience and knowledge can help other communities respond to the opioid crisis.